Spending the past week in Japan has been absolutely amazing. My favorite part so far would either be soaking in the hot springs or shopping in Harajuku. It’s so hard to decide between the two. Going to the hot springs was a nice surprise. The last time I went to one was when I was about five or seven years old. It was not as hot as I remember, however it was still very enjoyable. The outdoor part of the hot springs was especially nice. I would say, as in the words of my friend, George, “If everyone just went into the hot springs together, we would no longer have wars and everything would be in peace.” Spending time with someone in the hot springs is a way to get to know them on an entirely new level.

Shopping in Harajuku was also really awesome. There were so many stores in such a small space. I was surprised by how there were many stores with just photos of stars from movies, sports, or dramas. Those types of stores seemed to be especially popular by how they were always filled with countless teenage girls. I think my best buy was a cute white skirt with stars that cost me only 199 yen (about $2). I was also able to buy some headphones I had previously bought from Japan for about $15 cheaper than their original price. Someday, I hope to go back again; then, I can do more exploring and eat those delicious-looking crepes. 


You were always a fashonista! Glad you found some bargains. Being a teen - it sounds like they had "different" styles to choose from. I think soaking in the hot springs sounds relaxing after a day in those stores!


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