Throughout this trip right now we’ve gone to Ichinoseki where we stayed at a hot spring, visited shrines, also a farm and visited the disaster sight.  At Ichinoseki when we visited the disaster sight it was like nothing you could imagine.  On TV and seeing it in real life is like being in a whole new world.  You wouldn’t believe their was land their before because it looks like something you would see from a movie, but put into real life.  It made everyone very emotional.  When we visited the Shinto Shrine and looked from the hill to the ground it was painful because the only buildings you could see were banged up ones and they just made you start to cry because some of them had bodies in them still.  As much as the disaster sight was hard to look at the people we visited were very strong.  They all were amazing people I’m so glad I got to meet them.

            When we arrived back in Tokyo we went to a shrine, drove through Asakusa (temple area), we did an earthquake and fire simulation, visited a museum and went to Harajuku. (teen filled shopping street) At the shrine we walked through a street full of little shops and bought lots of little charms.  Driving through Asakusa everyone wanted to get off the bus and walk around because of the many shops.  We also did the earthquake and fire simulation, we went in a room which had six seats and a alarm would sound telling us their was a fire, which told us we would have to squat on the ground, put some type of cloth on our mouth and find our way out through the little the house.  Yesterday we went to the Miraikan Science Museum.  It was beautiful.  And it had a robot name Asimo, which could walk like a human, dance, speak, and kick a ball!  Asimo was incredible it’s like seeing a robot from the future.  After, we went to Harajuku everyone went shopping and did Purikura, which is a type of photo booth where you decorated your pictures.  My first week in Japan has been a lot of fun I can’t wait till this week begins!          
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I am enjoying everyone's descriptions. You are experiencing so much in so little time. I wonder how you can take it all in!


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