Marcos R.
Hearing the stories of the tsunami victims was very saddening and very eye opening. To see how they were dealing with the disaster and loss of so much was surprising. I could not imagine losing not only my entire house, but also, family members and friends. I can say that these days have been some of the best in my life.

For only five days, we have done and seen a huge amount of things. We have had the privilege of going to a traditional Japanese hotel in rural Japan. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful, green, and misty hills with traditional looking houses surrounding them. This has been more amazing than I could’ve imagined it. We went to a farm where the farmers told us their story of moving from Tokyo to rural Japan to start farming and how they were affected by the tsunami. They had a dog named sora, which means sky in Japanese, who was able to survive the tsunami. After weeding the area around the rice patty field, we were treated to some powdered green tea. It felt like an honor for her to prepare our tea for us because, while doing this, she was wishing for our wellbeing.
7/17/2012 10:00:19 am

You all will come back changed. Their loss of everything would make any of us so sad, but it sounds like the Japanese go on and appreciate life and are reaching out to all of you. With all we know and do - it seems we still cannot control nature.


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