I’m writing this on the train to Osaka. We just finished spending 3 days in Tokyo after leaving Ichinoseki. In Tohoku (in Ichinoseki) we visited a large disaster affected-area with heavily damaged buildings and barren/ destroyed land. The majority of the buildings in the area were swept away. Seeing it up close was an emotional experience for all of us. This was the main part of the trip; learning about what happened on 3/11. On a lighter-note, I have appeared on Japanese media at least 2 times; there was an article of when my group went to our farm and a semi-short local news segment of when us and the kids from Alaska went to the famous confectionary company known as Saito Seika who make the famous and delicious Kamome No Tamago (“seagull egg”) dessert. There, the head of the business Kenji Saito told us about his sad, traumatizing, yet informative experience in the 3/11 disaster. 

We got back to Tokyo after leaving Ichinoseki. We did a lot of sight-seeing and some shopping. We went many museums like the astounding, huge Miraikan (Holder of the Future) and saw robots, scientific demonstrations, and other cool stuff. We went to 21_21 Design Sight to see their exhibit on life in Tohoku and how people work & farm to make their own living, with products that they produce and design. We also went to Takeshita Street in the Harajuku district. This is basically a horrendously crowded small street with tons of shops lining the sides with people yelling everywhere and music blasting in every area. There were tons of weird costumes and odd stores. I guess, in America, trendy districts are toned-down and try to keep things cool, but in Japan it is just Hyper. Very energetic. None of it was really for me. All the clothes and souvenirs/toys were either for eight-year-olds, people into goth stuff, or extremely cute stuff. So I only made a small purchase. This morning, we got up early and left the hotel. Got to Tokyo Station (again) and got on this bullet train heading to Osaka to go meet host families. A little scared, a little excited, looking out the window I think “wow those mountains really fly by fast”. Bye for now.
Shari VanderWerf
7/16/2012 01:59:15

Very cool! Great to hear from you, Noah (finally). Can't wait to hear all your stories when you come home.

7/17/2012 11:10:50

Sounds like you are getting a bit of everything. Disaster and reconstruction, farm life, then science and innovations, then shrines, then fashion. Hope you enjoy your "family" and school!


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