Japan is a country where the natural and urban aspects of life coexist beautifully. The people hold a deep respect for nature that can be seen in the many temples and shrines that sit within the mountainous region of Kyoto. Over the past few days we have been touring several of these locations, taking time to stroll through the gardens. Walking through, I realized how peaceful the culture of Japan is. I realized it was about harmonizing with nature. It was in these places that I felt like the most beautiful aspect of the country shone through.

              One particular temple, Ginkakuji, particularly made me think about the way nature coexists with city life. The path around the gardens wound part way up a hill and at one point, there was an amazing view of the city. This particular view made me see how close the nature was to the urban life yet how different it was, and how much respect the people held for nature to have these beautiful temples so close to their lives. 

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