Michael M.
In our time in Tokyo our group took a trip to Harajuku, a fashion district. I was quite surprised at the amount of people shopping on the street that we were on. There were also several interesting characters all around the place. For example, there were cross-dressers and cosplayers. It was a very, very strange sight to see. On another note, the eight year olds were far more fashionable than I was.  It would make sense, if you were to actually take a look into the stores on that street. The names of those stores were quite interesting as well. To name a few, “Nudy Boy”, “Wooden Doll”, “Pinklatte”, “Store My Duck’s” and many, many more. Julian, myself, and George went off on an adventure into the stores to buy and browse several feminine clothing articles. I did not personally buy any of the items, because I was sure I would not fit into what would be a “Japanese large” as an American extra small. Julien and George, however, did buy something. George bought a hat that said, “Don’t sell me a dog” and “Drugstore Cowboy”. All in all, a fascinating experience in the fashion district of Tokyo.

7/18/2012 03:36:05

Sounds like quite a display of fashion on a variety of characters. I'm not sure if I'd be in the stores by their names...hmmm form fitting clothes? I'd probably not be able to fit anything either. Thanks for the descriptions. LOL

Kim Yi
7/20/2012 01:46:16

Must have been a really interesting experience for you all. That's why we say "the whole wide world". : ) Have fun!

Young Moon
7/20/2012 22:52:08

Sounds like a great antidote for a trip to Korea. Fashion district in Seoul will be even wackier and crowded than in Tokyo. Anyway, it must have been a very interesting adventure!


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