Mariana T-S.
Ohayou everyone! This is Mariana speaking! Today I will write about my experience in Tokyo! Especially Harajuku. It is a major shopping district in central Tokyo where lots of teenagers go dressed up in costumes from games or anime, or just go to hang out! I saw a couple people in really funky cool outfits! My group and I went to Takeshita street in Harajuku on the 15th. Takeshita street runs down a narrow and long road. There are countless stores there, from Photo booth stores called purikura---which by the way my friends and I went to first!!---to punk rock clothing stores and crepe shops! There is a store for everyone. It really is paradise there!

I have nothing bad to say about Tokyo/Harajuku other than it is VERY CROWDED!! But even that was a fun experience!  I’m sure everyone in my group enjoyed walking down Takeshita street holding each other’s backpacks or hands! Yes yes.

Tokyo truly is an exciting place!

7/17/2012 10:46:56

Funny how the Japanese can dress so cute, so individual, funky, or can be conservative. Any fashions that you'd wear back home? Glad no one got lost in the crowds!


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