While with my host family we went to the place called “Tomato and Onion”. It was kind of unusual for me to eat it because it was basically a burger without the buns, served with rice, veggies, and other side dishes. I thought that it tasted like burger meat from Wendy’s or burger king, but the food in general tasted good.

The school we visited was really great and it was really fun during the club activity events. I chose to do volleyball and it was a great experience, learning how to hit and spike the ball. Even though I knew how to play volleyball, I was able to learn a lot from my student assistant person Shin, who had been playing volleyball for about 7 years. Just saying that the cafeteria food in Takatsuki high school was amazing, I wish that they had that in America.

Most favorite part was my time in Japan was visiting Ichinoseki. It was  timte of strengthening friendships and creating new ones, viewing beautiful scenery of the countryside, and experiencing the traditional setup of the ryokan.

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