When we arrived at Ichinoseki after Tokyo, it was very rural and contains mountains covered in green trees.  It was absolutely stunning.  The hotel we stayed at was right next to a beautiful gorge with rushing water.  During our second day at Ichinoseki, my group visited a farm with geese and cows.  It was the Tanaka family.  We got to feed the geese and even pick them up. There was a black Labrador called Sora, which means sky, and he was from the tsunami disaster.  The family who owned him survived, but due to the disaster they lost everything and could not afford to continue raising the dog.  Then the dog traveled to the Tanaka’s farm and they decided to raise him.  Usually dogs love water, but Sora is scared because of his experience with the tsunami. To imagine seeing the tsunami disaster from Sora’s eyes chills me.  I am happy that Sora is alive, but it makes me sad that such a beautiful, caring, fun-loving dog had to face a terrible disaster. Today we visited the disaster site in Ichinoseki.  We first visited Mr. Saito’s confectionary factory to hear his story on the earthquake and tsunami disaster. After the confectionary factory, we went entered another disaster site.  The first thing I noticed was how there were very few people.  I saw construction trucks piling up large mountains of debri and there were no houses or buildings.  Our second tour guide, Mr. Konno explained his experiences with the tsunami.  One of the first things he mentioned to us was how he was lucky to have been able to see the tsunami.  To me, it was a bit ironic, but after thinking about this for a while, I can understand what he meant.  Because of this disaster, he is able to look at life in a new perspective.  He told us how life is beautiful.  I have never experienced a traumatic disaster such as the one Mr. Konno faced, and therefore cannot see life as he does.  However, after visiting the disaster site, I can get a glimpse of his perspective.  I know that I will definitely return someday and hope to see Ichinoseki filled with homes, buildings, and people.  

7/17/2012 10:20:28

Noone or animal should ever feel such loss. Nature can be so beautiful yet cruel too. Life goes on, and I am hopeful that the people and homes will return to happy time...but I'm sure it will take time.


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