George G.
Good evening. Or morning. Or afternoon. Yesterday, we spent two hours in the fashion district of Tokyo, Harajuku. I would like to start with a word of advice. If you ever decide to walk into a Tamagachi store, first check to make sure that you are a six-year-old girl or her mother. If you are in fact neither of those things, then I highly recommend not going into that store. Anyway, we spent copious amounts of time looking through some wonderfully form fitting clothing. In  my time there, I purchased a wonderful hat. To find out more about the hat, please read Michael’s entry. It was at that very moment that I decided that from now on, all of my clothes will be ordered from Japan over the internet. Julian bought a FABULOUS shirt. Michael bought absolutely nothing . That is all. Thank you for your time.

7/17/2012 10:32:20 am

LOL about the shops and customers. Can't wait to see the hat.


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