So far I’ve had super much fun. I was super lucky to have been chosen for this experience and I’m super glad I even signed up for this trip. There have been super fun moments as well as some strong moving moments where I nearly cried. I could tell it all, but if I did, you’d fall asleep, so I’ll limit myself.

              The best part about this trip is hanging out with my friends while enjoying Japanese culture. I have super much fun with them all the time. We eat delicious food together, chat on the bus and airplane rides, chill in the onsen (hot spring bath) together (well at least with the guys), and sing karaoke together. All the food here is so delicious, I fill myself until my stomach is about to explode, along with everyone else. We also get to chat together about our thoughts, and to pass time on the long trips between destinations. All of the guys even get to bathe together in the onsen, which is a public hot spring (it’s super relaxing). We even sing karaoke. It’s really super uber enjoyable to watch all of my friends singing their hearts out, no matter how bad they sing. I especially enjoy Alan’s “amazing” singing. This trip would not be nearly as fun if I wasn’t with my friends, and I’m having a lot of fun experiencing Japanese culture with them.

Adam C.

Gail and Robert

we 're really happy you are having a super time, and enjoying the food and company so much. Pictures tell a story - take the time to embrace the culture and learn a lot to tell us later.- we will not fall asleep- glad to see you write more. You must be excited to be there.



Good to hear you that are a having a fantastic time.


Hi, Adam!
I'm SOO HAPPY to know that you are having a SUPER time in Japan! This is an experience that you will change you forever and something that you'll remember for the rest of your life! Can't wait to see you and Celine to hear all about your trip and hopefully, see some photos!!


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